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In Your Business You Set the Rules

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Photo by Nathan Dunlao

We are really looking inside ourselves these days and I'd like to think that Entrepreneurs are delving into the inner workings of their businesses too.

Things are changing quickly and more specifically, consumers are shopping, selecting and working differently and the smart business owner has to ebb and flow with these changes or fear becoming irrelevant. With the shift in economics, I am inclined to believe the general public is going to be more understanding in most cases and what I generally encourage my clients to is developing a brand that is sought after; therefore, the right clients will work you into their budget and their schedule.

In updating operation hours for one of my shops, I took a second to understand exactly how many hours the owner was working. He was just off his first vacation of the year, which was merely a long weekend, but working 11- 9 five days a week is just too much to make a living. With the changes, just rolling back the closing time by one hour, he was able to shave off five hours. A small feat, but a step in the right direction.

This is another tic in the long list of positive attributes that come from having an online presence. A few swipes on a couple of pages and your visible hours are updated for everyone online and you can free up some time in your calendar.

Speaking of small changes for big impact, you can set policies that align with the direction you want your business to take. It's as simple as that. If you need to hold a credit card to book your time, do so; or go as big as requiring a 50% deposit. Your time is valuable and the only people to be offended are those that weren't one hundred percent committed to the deal anyway. Time and again, we have all had those clients or patrons that book large services, decide last minute to cancel; or worse, no show us! My own particular salon policy has been upgraded over the years to account for this.

The moral of the story, produce excellent work but only work as hard as you need to, or desire to. The right things always fall into place when you're on the right track in your business; kind of like the alignment of the universe. Clients and patrons are looking for your products and when they decide you are the right fit, they will shift to accommodate your hours, your booking policies and your prices.

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