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Open Doors w/Email Marketing

A floral patterned chair inside the opened door of a white painted greenhouse.
Open Door to cozy Greenhouse

My last email campaign garnered a 63% open rate. Those numbers are a marketing statistic goal, because on average, your open rate is between 15-30 percent. The importance of email marketing has never been greater since everyone is isolating at home and utilizing the internet for their every interest and need. I can't be a bigger advocate for email marketing and that's largely in part to the fact that it's providing me income when I need it most.

My full time career began as a hairstylist working for other companies, I was at the mercy of antiquated systems that weren't engaging and driving sales for me behind the chair. It was the point where I realized I was doing more for myself in terms of marketing than my company was doing for the whole team that really left me wondering if they were trying to self sabotage. What a toxic environment. I don't last long where places give me uneasy vibes so I spent about six months planning the next move, and thus my beauty brand was born.

On a wing and a prayer, I called clients, I gathered emails and I really promoted my clients to moving to online booking. I knew that what they were entering into had to be beautiful, smart and engaging because our attention spans are literally thirty seconds long, so I built my website and started writing.

As an older end of the spectrum, Millennial, I really got into technology and loved the idea of being a paper free hair stylist, where I could have my book on the go at all times. That control lent me the flexibility to be a Mother and Wife with limited time away from the household. No more would I be sitting behind a reception desk waiting on a walk in or random phone call looking for anyone for a quick trim. It felt like an incredible waste of time and not the perfect lifestyle I had envisioned.

I had a few naysayers in my life, and that probably propelled me even more. There is nothing more heartbreaking than not having the support of friends and family when you feel so passionate about an idea. But, never the less, I knew what potential there was for a hairstylist taking their business online and within two years, my little part time, 7k business became a 30k business and I am looking forward to setting a 15% growth margin year over year.

A lot of service industry workers are upset, angry and confused, myself being one of them; but I wasn't fearful for my job, I had diligently spent the last few years building relationships with my clients, connecting with them on social media and sending them updates through my online newsletter. It was as simple as setting aside a few hours a month to spill my heart out to them, get them interested in a color concept I was promoting or offering free upgrades with luxury services. All the things you would communicate verbally with them while they were in the chair or at your store picking up new bath bombs or hand woven scarves. It becomes so easy when you make your email list a priority.

Now that the time had come to really need their financial support, it isn't so awkward reaching out with a gift card promotion. We won't be down forever and it's totally ok to offer a sweet reward for later with their help today. Some of my clients have even graciously sent money through channels like Venmo, which, I plan to credit toward future services in the salon. Together we are not alone in this world, it just becomes imperative to build trust in your friends, family and guests.

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