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Confidence in Your Career

Three Women pointing at a laptop screen.
Photo by John Schnobrich

It's easy to boost your income when you learn the secret sales attribute that goes unspoken of.


You have to believe in the product, the service you're delivering. I have left plenty of companies behind because I didn't like the product, or the ethics. I found that what I naturally gravitated to, it became easier to convey my excitement. When I trusted the company to provide consistency and effectiveness, my enthusiasm for the sale was genuine and warranted. A car salesman isn't selling a two door coupe to a family of five, but they are making great money by selling what the family needs. Translate that to your business model and it still fits.

Take the steps to educate yourself about the history, the use, the ingredients and the benefits. These are all measures that your client will be curious to understand before they even begin to open their wallet. Be vocal about what you know and why your guest needs it. Closed mouths never get fed.

In my journey for the self betterment, I diverged on writing this for two weeks. I went down a rabbit hole of really affordable photography classes and researched the best starter camera to tip toe in the water of professional photographer. I have been daydreaming of having the whole studio at my fingertips when it comes to doing the work and recording it to show my audiences what my true vision is so it was incredibly important to at least learn how to use a camera. I anticipate a lifetime of practice with this and I am up for the challenge.

Alongside learning new skills I had wanted for so long, I knew I had to take another plunge to deepen my knowledge in hair extension applications. Seriously, investing money on your career is the smartest investment, and safest; that you can make.

I am lucky to be working in fields that I am extremely passionate about, and I want to convey the importance of finding your perfect career too. Anyone that's found it is going to work incredibly hard to keep their perks, find new innovations to make more money and live a happier life. You always see those people on your social media feeds boasting about their good life. They are oozing confidence. On the flip side, making sure that confidence isn't just fluff, the truly successful people are investing time and money into learning to be better.

Having confidence in your career will open so many doors for you in your life. Your drive is visible from the skyscrapers on Wall Street to the florist on the corner in your own neighborhood. It also helps to have the certificates and accolades that come with higher education. They put you above the curve in a sea of ever growing resumes. With unemployment rates above 13%, people are competing for really great positions with stiffer competition. Standing out is no longer an option, it's a requirement.

So Leading into the second half of the most exhausting year in our lifetime, really dive deep to discern what your goals are to achieve career confidence. Get organized and create a plan of action. Here's a little nudge from me: LinkedIn, among other platforms, are offering great learning programs at affordable prices, which give you an opportunity to learn a lot of new things in a short amount of time. Be Confident in your career and you are certain to draw in success like a magnet.

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