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New Year, New Business

2018 was an amazing year.

Hands down! It was the first time in my life that I planned my business. I was here, 365 days ago, looking at my business with open eyes for 2017, just thinking, if I could make 10k more next year... that would be more than what I was pulling in with part time jobs to supplement the income. I had taken a leap of faith and suddenly quit a job that was giving me so much anxiety and i desperately needed Bombshell Beauty to bring in that extra income. The older I get, the more I realize the power of positivity in my life. One of my favorite expressions is, "Let go and Let God." I know, I have made it clear that I don't relate to any type of religion but I found if I replace God with the Universe, it all makes sense to me. You can use whatever Deity you most closely relate with. Back to the phrase. If you are doing all you can do to move forward in life, making no excuses and all that, the Universe delivers what you need.

It delivered for me in 2018. The first year since 2012 that I have not worked two careers. I don't want to pretend that it was perfect, I had some setbacks. I refused to quit, though and it wasn't long before those setbacks rectified themselves. I worked less hours and I made 11k more over the previous year! It doesn't happen by chance. It takes strategy and talent to build a business.

Girl wearing black Nike hightops in salon chair.
Street Luxe by ISO Expressions

I spent my entire 2018 researching ways to promote my salon without spending hundreds of dollars and I realized something. It's not free to make money, it will cost you something. The dollars in your pocket book or the time on your hands. If you love creating, researching, learning and constantly absorbing juicy behind the scenes details like I do, then cheers, maybe we can bounce some ideas off each other! If you are a busy mom, a full career woman with a side business you want to soar, or anything in between and you need branding and marketing guidance, I am excited to help you with that. I have been busy the last couple of months planning the launch of my exciting new endeavor. You all that know me, already know that I don't quit. Everything works out the way it was supposed to so long as you don't give up. My goal for 2019 is not generic. I'm not planning on breaking old habits, but instead focusing on building the good habits. Waking up early to write. Build this company off the ground and make another 10k from it. Money moves me and like an old friend reiterated to me recently, "good things come from hard work." I could not agree more.

So 2019: let me introduce, Artemis Media Marketing!

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