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Trigger Warnings are My Trigger

Like many of you, I was browsing the internet (social media to be specific) when I stumbled on a TW... for financial privilege. The subject was in a local parents group, asking for advice on a good gym shoe, and they were referencing their price point at $150.00.

That's when it hit me. People are not prepared for inflation. They thought it was a passing phase, rough waters we were sailing through. That 150.00 price point is standard with everyday brands like Nike. I wasn't fazed much by the money figure but the TW threw me off. Are we tiptoeing the labor wage in America so much that we don't want lower income bracket earners to get their feelings hurt?

There's all kinds of feelings in money, I was shushed as a teen when I questioned the wages of anyone; so I know first hand why it has a stigma. But what if we uncovered the secrets to how to make money a non issue in our lives? All of that could be accomplished but it starts with opening up the dialog and exposing folks to their uncomfortable truths.

One day I may write a book about the personal transition I took, along with the details that I'm living today, in order to give more clarity on why I have these feelings. Until then, just take these words as encouragement that only you have the capacity to change your life. Each person on this planet has a skill, soft skills, technical skills, artistic skills. You just have to find it, tweak it and make it work for you.

People who have fought their way from poverty to prosperity deserve a lot of credit and shaming the ability to reap the privileges of your hard earned wealth keeps the doors closed between you and your own success. Often times, the success you see in your life comes from listening, observing and putting into practice the habits and rituals that other people have done before you. The successful people. It could be your parents; if you're lucky in that regard. For the rest of us, the 98%, we had to get scrappy, throw our anxiety behind our mascara and do the damn thing. I didn't want to work 40 hours a week, hand over half my paycheck to daycare and worry about how to pay the bills with the remainder. Something had to change.

Financial privilege shouldn't be called privilege. You have to provide labor in exchange, or provide genius level insight to Fortune 500's, but I don't think the latter is asking about shoe recommendations online with a TW over the price.

Arm coming in from the right side, holding a glass of Champagne as confetti stars cascade down.

Can we all agree that money is money, and resolve your face and mind to know that you will earn the money you need to have the things you truly want. Claim that for 2023.

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