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The Minimum Wage Problem


The root of all evil.

The paper that does grow on trees, except it's backed by gold to have any merit or value.

The US.

Once thought to be the top of the capitalistic food chain, is now just another country that is run by the wealthy and the majority of the population are hamsters running the wheel.

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I've understood the imbalance for most of my life but here lately, it is becoming more asinine. More demand for workers with less than ideal standards of working conditions, benefits or payroll. Our government system has created class warfare by putting premiums on your health, investing your money in their personal interests and duping the average citizen in believing you are achieving greatness, all for 7.25 per hour.

If you are self employed, you're already ahead of the game. You produce goods or services and you named your own price. Much love to you, we deserve to enjoy our lives not work just to get by. My first love and passion is hair. I started a salon, I created everything from the services on the menu down to the ads I run for marketing and I price my services to be fair. Fair to my clients, and fair to my bottom line. For many Americans, though, that freedom is not an option. They take the money their company offers and they go about their business. For those receiving the minimum amount of pay, often times as a part time employee, health insurance not provided, they have the option of receiving state covered health insurance. Eating into the budgets provided by tax payer money. I do not fault the citizens, I fault the government. The sole purpose of minimum wage was to make sure the working class was compensated enough to keep up with their states/counties cost of living. And states are failing, aided by the in-competencies at the federal level.

This piece I'm writing was a concept I started in January, but low and behold, just days ago, my own state was in the headlines with a budget measure to increase the sales tax on tobacco products to help with the cost of repairing our roadways. If you live outside Cincinnati, then let me explain; I am sweating bullets, dodging pot holes the size of Texas so I don't blow a tire and hoping a cop doesn't pull me over for suspected OVI. It's a fun game we like to play in the City.

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Ohio is currently sitting at 8.55 per hour and my first thought was, if you increase minimum wage, everyone in the state wins. If your state is attempting an increase, be their biggest supporter. More money in your pocket, more tax money generated. There is no need to create higher tax, just use what you already have more wisely. Encourage your local council persons to do the right thing. They work for us.

If you want more information on minimum wage and the affects on different states, read this great article from Fast Company.

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