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The Social Media Checklist

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

With computer access in the palm of our hands, there is no excuse for not taking your business online.

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You can reach thousands of people within a five mail radius of your brick and mortar store without ever having to leave your site. I have had conversations with older generation entrepreneurs and their tactics; the strategies that made them successful would not work so well today. No longer is it necessary to shake hands before a deal, either. A new client sent me a large deposit just last week to hold her spot and purchase product for her appointment a week later. I literally just met her yesterday, and we had a lovely afternoon.

So why did she send me cash just hours after engaging through Facebook Messenger?

Brand awareness.

That awareness comes from strategic work that takes just a couple hours a week. You could spend a week working on these methods and have content for the whole year. I don't work that way, and I'm not asking you to, either, but it's a nice feeling knowing that it's an option.

I'm a creative person and I tend to post a lot of things off the cuff, to my core social media platforms. I get the feeling that a lot of entrepreneurs are the same way, but you just need direction, or an outline that will spark engagement in your audience. My gift to you is a custom made Social Media Checklist that can be customized to your business.

  1. Selfies- I know, it's cliche, but literally, its what Facebook translates to. Your friends and family know your face, they see it, and they will stop to like or comment, some will even share. Image is king, and when your network grows, people outside that circle will want to put a face to your business.

  2. Inspirational Quotes-everyone does it. They are easy to scroll through, read fast and move on. So why am I adding them to this list? When you pair an inspirational quote with great copy pertaining to you, you are more likely to boost that engagement. Someone on your timeline is going to relate, they are going to need that inspiration and it associates you as someone they can trust and build a relationship with.

  3. Funny Memes-Not the same as inspirational quotes. Tag your siblings or your college best friend if it pertains to them. ABL (always be laughing) People love a good time. It seriously works, I got 24 re-shares on a post about Spring weather and the only copy I put on the post was a laughing emoji. The tone of the meme and language used resonated and i knew when I read it, this is going to be a hit. It surpassed my expectations, in fact.

  4. Music-At least once a week, I screen shot a song that I'm feeling, write a little verbiage and post it. I check Amazon music every Friday for new albums to listen to, both for enjoyment and for social media posting. Music is life and you'd be surprised how many people love a new banger.

  5. Local Events-If curated correctly, you can become the go-to source for all the coolest events in your city. This little trick was expertly executed on Saturday by the owner of the new salon I'm working from. He's in his 60s, that part's important, because this tidbit is timeless. He receives alerts from Riverbend, our local outdoor concert arena, and he showed me a couple of concerts that are coming this summer. He took his phone to his client and proceeded to show them the same thing. Facebook allows you to share events for this very reason.

  6. Reviews-Facebook allows you to review a business; what I want you doing is going above and beyond for products, services or events that you have experienced. They don't all have to be 5 stars, but honest opinions posted as a status will generate honest conversation in the comments. I bought a new outfit from Macy's last week and when I post the selfie wearing it, I am going to shoutout that store associate for her friendliness. It's that simple.

  7. Childhood Stories-Did you wreck your pink Huffy bicycle when you were 6 years old? Tell that story when you post a picture of your son on his new bike.

  8. Solicit opinions- Do you need a recommendation for a handy man? A new Dentist, or are you dye-ing for a new hairstylist? Ask your social media audience who they recommend.

  9. Artwork-Did you see a sculpture that moved you? Talk about it in your copy when you share the post. The human experience is similar for everyone so you will find a lot of people liking it, sharing it or even better, leaving their sentiments in the comment section.

  10. Your Personal Work-Don't be afraid to share your work. If you're writing, post snippets of interesting details; photography-share that outtake that you loved and tell your audience why. There are tons of other things in this category so the world is your oyster.

People have a sentimental relationship with money so the more likely they are to trust the brand, the more likely they are to spend those dollars with you.

Here's the last thing I want to share.

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Photo by Bonnie Kittle

The piece of info I find lacking from other coaching programs I've followed: Be Yourself. That's the key to career success for the long haul. You want a client list that makes your heart sing; social media marketing is the new way to reach those people. Everything you post has to be intentional and have that silver lining of your shining personality. You can leverage the power of social media by just utilizing these ten base strategies to grow your engagement and when you are comfortable being consistent, you can expand your strategy.

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