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When launching your business looks like one run-on sentence.

I lead a charmed life. It's not a secret or a sarcastic joke, but a realization I came to when talking to a friend last week. I work my career into my life. I've had to rearrange it slightly in the past month but that schedule change hit the sweet spot and I became more available to my targeted market. So good that it's time to open up more hours behind the chair. I have been booked the past three weekends and booked out for the next two.

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That doesn't happen by chance and for a lot of business owners, it's not something that comes naturally. Handing off tasks and getting them off your plate will free you up to make more money and have your own charmed life. Details and updates to algorithms are ever changing and pouring over the data can be daunting when all you want to do is frost your freshly baked cupcakes.

Starting a business is simple. Branding a business is difficult. Marketing Strategy for a business is expert level and part of your financial baby that you have to nurture for the rest of it's life; and like having a child, it will be one of your proudest accomplishments. After being the backbone of my own businesses marketing strategy, I understand the feeling well. I've researched everything from license requirements down to font type and admittedly, this is my favorite part of the process. I love my clients, I love hair painting, but the nerd in me loves the process that goes down behind the scenes.

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When I say that I want to bridge that gap from launching a business to reaping the business rewards, I mean it. That long run on sentence lives in that space and I have the road map. In fact, I am putting it all down for a proposal to another local business owner today so they can pave their own road.

Successful businesses didn't get that way by luck. If you're ready to infuse success in your own business, stop hoping and wishing and let us create that together.

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